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How Much Do You Know About Breast Health?

When it comes to cancer prevention,
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Question 1

You can tell if you have dense breasts by the way they feel.

Question 1


Almost one in two women over 40 has dense breasts.21, 22 Dense breasts are breasts that have less fatty tissue — and that’s not something that you or your doctor can feel. The best way to detect breast density is through a mammogram. Because having dense breasts raises your risk for breast cancer, it’s important to keep annual screening appointments and to opt for a 3D™ exam. The Genius® exam is the only  FDA approved exam as superior for women with dense breasts.2, 3

Question 2

You’re at higher risk for breast cancer if you have a family history. No family history? No need to worry.

Question 2

True and False!

Yes, family history increases breast cancer risk, especially if your mom, sister, or aunt have had breast cancer. But more than 75% of women with breast cancer have no family history, and less than 10% of women have the known gene mutation that raises risk.23 Having an annual mammogram is a good way to check your breast health.

Question 3

You’d like to get a 3D Mammography™ exam, but they cost too much and your insurance probably won’t cover it.

Question 3


A better mammogram doesn’t mean it’s more expensive. Medicare and Medicare Advantage, Medicaid in some states, and most private health plans cover the full cost of an annual 3D Mammography™ exam. In fact, 96% of insured women ages 40 to 74 are now covered for the Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam.31 Check with your insurance company and make sure it’s been over 12 months since your last screening mammogram.

Question 4

You’re not 50 yet — too young to really need annual mammograms. After all, women under 50 who have mammograms get false positives and unnecessary biopsies.

Question 4

A Genius 3D mammography™ exam has been proven to reduce false positive recall rates by up to 40%.8-10 And fewer unnecessary recalls means fewer unneeded biopsies. Plus, the American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends women with average risk start screenings at age 40 and in 2021, the American College of Radiologists updated its recommendations to include risk assessment for all women starting at age 30.32

Question 5

I’ve heard mammograms are painful. Why would I expose my friends to that?

Question 5

True (and False)

Yes, mammograms can cause some women pain or discomfort. But they don’t have to. The machine on which the Genius® exam is performed is designed with a woman’s curves in mind, reducing discomfort. Even better, some facilities that perform the Genius 3D exam rest your breast on Hologic’s soft MammoPad® cushion. Some providers also use the SmartCurve® system — literally designed with women’s curves in mind. (For SmartCurve facilities, use the Enhanced Comfort search in our Facility Finder!) Either way, each breast is compressed for less than four seconds7 — not a lot of minor discomfort in exchange for peace of mind.

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