Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Diagnosis: From What Now To What’s Next

August 2, 2023

A breast cancer diagnosis can be scary, overwhelming, confusing, and many other emotions. Once the dust settles, you will probably have a lot of questions about what happens next. We’re here to help with a list of resources guiding you through this journey.

When You Find Out You Have Breast Cancer

You might be in your doctor’s office in a daze. We hope you know that any emotions you have at this moment are valid and normal—you’re probably thinking: What now?

Possible Additional Screenings for Breast Cancer

When signs point to breast cancer, your doctor might schedule you for additional screening like a mammogram, Contrast Enhanced Mammogram (CEM), MRI scan, and/or breast ultrasound. Learn more about these tests here.

Tests like CT (CAT), PET, and bone scans (more on that here) also show if your cancer has spread.

After Diagnosis Confirmation: Treatment Options are Presented

Before treatment, your doctor will stage your cancer between zero and four.1 Here’s a great resource that goes over how staging works.

There are many possible ways to treat breast cancer based on your stage. You and your care team will decide the best course of action from your doctor’s recommendations and what you want to move forward with. Three common treatments you might be presented with are surgery, chemotherapy (chemo), and/or radiation.1

  1. Common types of breast surgery are lumpectomy, mastectomy, and underarm lymph node removal.1 The American Cancer Society goes over these surgeries here.
  2. Chemo uses anti-cancer drugs that may be given through an IV or as a pill. The drugs travel through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells in most parts of the body.2
  3. Radiation therapy is treatment with high-energy rays (or particles) that destroy cancer cells.3 It’s important to note that it can take time for your care team to recommend that this treatment is safe for you. Check out this article to learn more.

Support is Here for You Along the Way

We understand how overwhelming a breast cancer diagnosis can be. You can refer to the resources above and below any time you need.

  1. Speaking to a licensed mental health professional gives you a safe space to talk about your feelings.
  2. CancerCare® has a great article about coping with a diagnosis that you can read here. They have also provided extensive resources to help you navigate your journey—to take control of what’s next.


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