Our Initiatives

October 5, 2021

Our mission at Hologic is to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day. We fulfill our mission by being a leading innovator in women’s health. But we don’t stop there. We’re committed to having a broader impact for good in the world, benefitting the lives of women’s families and communities. Our initiatives span the world and involve all of us at Hologic.

Project Health Equality

Science is not biased. Systems are. It’s one of the reasons Black and Hispanic women don’t get the care they need. In fact, a comprehensive 2021 study that Hologic commissioned found racial disparities in the use of mammography screening overall, and specifically for 3D mammography™ technology. But we’re changing that. Through Project Health Equality, we partner with diverse organizations to promote care solutions for underserved women across the country.

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“Black women are almost 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women. We want to change that.”

The Global Women’s Health Index

It started with a question. How do we improve women’s health worldwide if we don’t know the challenges? Our Global Women’s Health Index was the answer. It’s the first measurement of the state of women’s health around the globe.

By recording the stories of 120,000 women and men, we’ve learned about pregnancy care in Peru, doctor visits in Denmark, domestic violence in Kenya, and diseases and treatments all over the world. People’s stories have ignited conversations and inspired action.

It’s just one way we’re improving the quality of women’s lives, one country, one community, one woman at a time.

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40 Languages.

116 Countries.

120,000 women and men surveyed.

232,000 minutes of conversation.

36,000,000 data points.

The Global Access Initiative

Viral diseases are prevalent in developing countries. Viral diagnostic tests are not. As a leader in medical diagnostics, our Global Access Initiative provides affordable solutions that break care barriers. With our help, healthcare providers around the globe can provide critical tests to patients in resource-restricted communities.

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Making a World of Difference

Health isn’t something that just happens in a doctor’s office. It happens when a child gets a new pair of shoes for school, when a family moves into a home in a safe neighborhood and when a student in an underserved area gets a STEM education. Through our philanthropy, Hologic supports community-based organizations and initiatives that bring health, healing and hope to women and families around the world.

Supporting Community Organizations

Hologic has provided hundreds of grants to nonprofits that support women’s health, and our employees around the world have pitched in to help people in their communities live better lives.

Advancing Cancer Research

Members of the Hologic team in Spain swam 27 kilometers in frigid ocean waters for the “Un Mar de Solidaridad” project, which raises money for breast cancer research.

Free Mammos for Women in Thailand

We helped Thailand’s Kanjana Baramee Foundation offer free 3D™ exams by donating 3Dimensions™ mammography systems for the foundation’s mammography buses.

Supporting Cancer Patients

We helped Ann’s Place in Danbury, CT offer free community-based support to cancer patients and their loved ones.


Housing for a Family in Massachusetts

Hologic employees sponsored a Metro West Habitat for Humanity Build Day to renovate a 110-year-old home as an affordable dwelling in a safe community for a local family.


STEM Education for Underserved Students

We promoted science and conservation leadership in students from underserved urban communities through the Ocean Discovery Institute in San Diego, CA.

Protecting the Planet

To enable healthier lives everywhere, every day, Hologic has adopted a planet-friendly approach to product development and practices. Our products can be reused and recycled, and our practices promote energy efficiency. Because what’s good for the planet is good for its people.

At Hologic, we believe in green energy and lean processes. They’re core to our award-winning sustainability efforts at our Costa Rica and Danbury, CT, sites.


Hologic was the first manufacturer to make the 3D Mammography™ exam available to women — and we haven’t stopped there.

What’s it like to have a 3D Mammography™ exam? Or to have to undergo a biopsy? Real women tell their stories from the breast health journey.